I’ve always had a passion for really clear, compassionate communication, deep relationships, and strong connection. With a career spanning nursing, human resources and inspirational, compassionate coaching in the corporate world, my work has always been about helping people. In fact, I’ve come to realize that I’ve coached people in one way or another, all my life.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia and have lived in New York City since 2012. I arrived in the city with my husband of 20+ years, and at the end of our first year here, our marriage had hit a very rocky road. Within 6 months we had separated, I had moved apartments, and was handling the stress of a new job in a new city far from home. Add to that the pain of the damaged relationship, missing friends and family thousands of miles away, and having little emotional support on the ground in my new city. 

I didn’t know which way to turn and so tried to focus on my job, and see-sawed between seething anger, emotional vulnerability, moments of absolute clarity about the way forward, oh, and too much time spent in bars. 

By the end of 2013, I realized I was ready to let go of the past and step into a life I loved again. I realized I could either let these negative feelings keep a tight grip on my attention and hold on to me forever, or I could find another way. 

Fueled by a renewed spiritual faith, the love of some quickly bonding new friends, family support from afar, and a blinding commitment to finding the good in my new situation, I decided to let forgiveness and understanding lead the way. I was determined to be better than all that negativity I had been enduring. 

Once I let go of the anger and bitterness, my life opened up completely.

Since then, through hard work I now have clarity about who I truly am, what my life purpose is, what I value in my life, and what I will no longer tolerate. 

I’ve seen how patience and understanding of my ex partner’s situation has lead to open communication and the setting of clear boundaries. As a result, I’ve been able to define a respectful and deeply caring relationship with him which has taught me much about myself and given me the freedom to explore new relationships with confidence.

I’ve realized how unique and powerful this experience was, and it’s what’s inspired me to deepen my coaching skills and work with others. Let’s face it - most people don’t feel this way about their Ex, right?  

Using creative, transformative approaches, I will help you use your creativity and inner resources to lead a positive life after your relationship have changed or ended.

Come work with me.