Life and Relationship Coaching

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Have you ended a long term relationship and want to feel like yourself again?

To create the life you want takes vision, courage and curiosity. I’ll help you find resilience and freedom after your relationship has ended, so you can have the positive life you’re craving…

Do You:

●      want more and know you deserve it?

●    want to break away from the pain and negativity of the past?

●      find yourself caught in the blame game and know it’s not useful?

●      need help to set healthy boundaries with your Ex?

●      want to connect again with how awesome you truly are?       

Imagine how good it will feel to let go of your anger, frustration and pain, and reclaim a life you love again.

Don’t let it hold you back any longer.

I am Jen Ryan. I have been in your shoes, and thankfully I’m now on the other side. It’s why I am so passionate about helping others who are leaving a long term relationship to create a positive transition into their new life. 

I know the shock and pain of realizing that my “forever” had not lasted. Learning from my own personal journey, I will help you discover how to create a positive life after your relationship ends.

With patience, some forgiveness and a lot of determination, I’ve found that a positive relationship with my ex partner is possible.The upside? We’ve been able to define a new kind of relationship, full of care and respect. I want that for you, too. 

I know it’s not easy, and every situation is different, but the unexpected positivity I now have in my life is a gift I fully embrace.

Positivity, resilience and freedom are there for you and I want to help you get there.

 If this resonates with you and you are looking for support, call or email me now to arrange a complimentary breakthrough session.

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I have a passion for really clear, compassionate communication, deep relationships, and strong connection. With a career spanning nursing, more than 20 years in senior human resources roles and inspirational, compassionate coaching in the corporate world, my work has always been about helping people. In fact, I’ve coached people in one way or another, all my life.



I coach positive, energized clients who want to transform their lives. Through deep connection, you and I will work together to help you see what you can achieve with a positive outlook and fresh perspective, In other words, discovering what’s possible for you and your future.

As we work together, you’ll experience 4 key cornerstones of personal discovery on your journey to positivity, resilience and freedom:


If this resonates with you and you are looking for support, call or email me now to arrange a complimentary breakthrough session


 Jen is a passionate and skilled coach.  If you are feeling stuck and really want to re-invent yourself, she helps you dig deep and get to the heart of what really matters so you can make aligned choices going forward.  I highly recommend her.  - TBF

Jen is such a thoughtful and practical life coach. I'm someone who often finds asking for help and exposing my areas of weakness extremely difficult, but Jen's demeanor, articulation of words and presentation of practical solutions is not only helpful, but extremely encouraging.  I recommend her to anyone looking to take that next step in life and transition to living life from your true self. - KS