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My inner yogi ….

I had one of the strangest moments today and it rattled me. And it also delivered a big lesson, allowing me to open my eyes to something much more.

Here’s what happened.

At 9am I had a wonderful call with my Coach. We discussed how I’m starting a new coaching certification program, and how it’s a big deal. We talked about the negative inner voices telling me it’s going to be tough, that I’m doubting that I can do it. We worked on opening my perspective to a different way of thinking about it, and I found a way to name this new perspective, so I can remind myself that when things get rough, I have absolutely got this.

I called that new perspective my ‘inner yogi’. I can bring that inner yogi to mind to remind myself have the power within me to accept or “be with” the challenges in front of me. I can call on my metaphoric inner yogi to support me. It was a super powerful session, and it shifted my energy to a positive sate of mind. Great!

Then at 10.30 am I was completely derailed.

I received a call from the leader of the coaching program. She wanted to check in on me, and asked if I was OK. She wanted to let me know I was missed. What?!!!

She reminded me that our first, all important introductory call was at 9am and the team wondered where I was. They were looking forward to our first meeting where important introductions were shared and agreements reached.

No! I had completely stuffed up. I had gotten the time wrong and felt stupid, frustrated and disappointed. How could I have done this?

Then I remembered the calm, peace and energy of my inner yogi.

Calling on that calming energy, I chose a new perspective - one that said the events of the morning have unfolded in exactly the way they needed to. I acknowledged to myself that yes, I made that mistake, and I chose to hold that mistake lightly. I chose to be compassionate with myself, and not to sabotage my self by hanging on to those negative thoughts. I acknowledged them, then chose to let them go.

Sure, I still feel annoyed at myself for missing an important meeting I was so looking forward to, and I also feel grateful for the lesson of self compassion, perspective and lightness. It feels like a real gift.

And, now I realize it’s been one of the richest mornings I’ve had so far.

If all that hits a raw note with you, send me a message and we can talk. I always offer complimentary sample sessions for clients first, so they can really experience coaching. I’d love to do that for you too.

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