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One lie that keeps us feeling unworthy

What breaks my heart is that we too easily believe we are unworthy of a fresh start. 

What if that was simply a lie?

How often do we think that because things have not worked out the way we had hoped, we’re stuck with the consequences?  How often do we tell ourselves that things are probably never going to change?

Or how often do we think that because we made poor choices in the past, we’ll probably just repeat the same mistakes again. 

Somehow, we think that we’ve earnt this version of life or at the very least, we have to put up with things because we can’t see how to change them. 

Well, I say that’s not true.

I say that there is possibility in the future, that there is hope and that there is a new life available.

It’s about learning to trust yourself.

For some of us, it might be that we need a head and heart reminder that we do have what it takes. 

For some of us getting to a place of trust in ourselves might feel like a pipe dream. 

For some of us it might feel brutally impossible.

But here’s the thing…when you learn how to dig deep into your own personal well of inner strength, you have a chance to realize how resourceful and whole you really are. 

You really do have the resources you need to trust yourself.

In fact, that belief is the foundation of all the coaching work I do.

When we work through challenges like resentment, shame and anger (more on that one to come over the next couple of weeks!) and dig in to understanding what we truly value in life, then we are giving ourselves a chance.

When we learn not to listen to the subtle (and not so subtle) lies of our inner voices, we are also giving ourselves a chance.

We are learning to trust ourselves. 

Trusting that we are capable, creative, resourceful and whole. Trusting that we are worthy of a fresh start. Trusting that we have good people in our lives who will love us and support us, 

Trusting that we are worthy of more joy.

And from there the future can look very bright indeed.

If any of what's here is resonating with your own story, or you know someone that needs to read this to help them see they can change these things, please share this email. 

🧡 I’d love that.

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