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Ooh, Hello Inner Leader - it’s nice to meet you.

In my last blog I talked about Consciously choosing to let go of anger. Seems like this idea has resonated with many of you...I’m so glad!

But…it’s not that easy to do.

So firstly, what do I really mean by consciously  choosing to let go of anger? 

In simple terms I mean choosing to take one action instead of another, or taking one perspective that will serve you better than another, 

Thing is, the art is in the act of consciously choosing. 

Making a choice to act in this way or that way rather than letting your usual negative default way of doing things be the driver.

Ok, sounds good . But how do we go about this?

I believe it’s all about listening to your Inner Leader.

Urrm, your what? Who? 

Let me explain. 

Your Inner Leader (some call it your Leader Within, or your Inner Wisdom) is a beautiful concept that describes the part of us that embodies our wisdom, inner knowing, intuition, creativity, unconditional love, confidence and compassion. It’s our very own individual unlimited source of amazing all knowingness!

It’s that powerful sense of truth deep inside you that knows the action you need to take to align with your values and take the right next step, or move forward in the best way for you.

How can I draw on it?

The best thing is you don’t have to trek to Nepal to meet her, or sit on a rock and meditate for hours in an ashram. 

You just need to be still and listen to your thoughts, feelings and sensations. 

Yes you might want to mediate, journal or try mindfulness exercises. Coaching sessions using a visualization can help here too as a way to invite your Inner Leader in. I love coaching in this way and seeing how it can bring awareness to this special sense of knowingness. 

However you get there, the magic is in the sitting still for long enough that we can allow that voice of intuition to rise up within us and be deeply heard.  

Great, but how does it help us make better choices and decisions? How does it help us choose a better perspective on the anger we are feeling?

Connecting to your Inner Leader can help you make decisions and choices with clarity and purpose. You can feel a sense of confidence in your choice being aligned to your values.

Your Inner Leader can help you see how to use your anger energy in a positive, more fruitful way by helping you choose a point of view about your situation that has more positive power and purpose.

You can literally take a moment to sit still and ask yourself “what would my Inner Leader have to say about this. What would her advice or guidance be?

Remember this quote from last weeks’ blog:-

…while we may not be able to choose our circumstances, we can powerfully choose the experience and the story we create. From the self acceptance and the self authority of the Leader Within, we can look at our circumstances from many points of view and consciously choose the point of view that will carry us forward with presence, power and purpose.”

Helen Kimsey - House, Co-Founder of the Co-Active Training Institute:

If you want help to meet your own Inner Leader, book a complimentary discovery call here

🧡 I’d love that

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