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Staying stressed is like a dog chasing its tail…it’s exhausting.

So I’m chasing a new perspective instead….

Recently, my back’s been feeling stiff, my hips have “locked up” and honestly there’s been days when I’ve felt 100 years old. I’ve been putting up with this for a while, but eventually I realized enough is enough. I needed help to unravel my spine, my muscles….heck my whole body. 

I found a chiropractor who does amazing work with nerves, spinal stuff and other brilliant magic (and best part is no bone crunching!). I'm learning that all this is going on because my nervous system, running along the length of my spine, is where I hold stress, anxiety and feelings of uncertainty. And that plays out in my back and hips. 

It’s all connected of course.

So in simple terms my nervous system is trying to be vigilant. It’s tensing up as a way to protect me from perceived dangers (all those reasons why I’m anxious). 

It's exhausting.

The thing I have to do is learn how to let my nervous system know it's ok and that it doesn’t need vigilance and to try to protect me. 

Great, but how?

I need to learn to breathe into these areas of physical discomfort. I need to first become aware of them, then acknowledge them, then get curious and start noticing what’s there. From there, I don’t need to try to fix it, just let it go.

Well, sounds sounds easy enough in theory. But It's hard to do. 

Then it hit me.

I can make a choice.

I can choose how I want to be with the uncertainty. And by choosing to take a breath (a deep lung filling breath) and literally blowing it out through my nose, that will help. And then I can start to physically let it go.

I think about this often with my clients. They are tired of holding on to old stories, past ways of living, accepting things in their lives that they really don’t want or need any more. 

That’s because part of the challenge is that it’s just really, really hard to let stuff go. Even when we know it’s not helping, or is not good for us anymore.

So together we work on choosing how to be instead, how to deliberately let go of negative perspectives and choose new perspectives that will feel lighter, more helpful, more aligned with where they know they really want to be. 

And that has the power to really shift energy and open up new possibilities.

If you want help to let go of what's holding you back from a new, more fulfilling life schedule a complimentary discovery call with me.

🧡I’d love that

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Very interesting and worth pursuing for better health

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