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Stop the train, I want to get off.

I'm tired today, really tired.

I'm not sleeping and I'm feeling anxious about big decisions that need to be made.

I'm a coach so I'm supposed to know what to do and how to take action, right? Yet I'm still struggling.

I'm feeling stuck and I want to get off this train.

The thing is, I've been here before.

And, I hear this same story often with my amazing clients. I see myself in their stories.

In fact, just this week I had a conversation with a client who shared how her deep underlying struggle is that she is tired.

Exhausted even.

Exhausted by the stress of making big decisions (and I suspect even small decisions too), and exhausted by the pressure to make sure they are the right decisions.

The result is she is stuck in indecision and fear of failing; and it's stressful and exhausting.

Isn't it crazy how much we let fear of being right, fear of failure, fear of the consequences, all get in the way? So much so that we just sit with ourselves and do nothing.

We get stuck.

I suspect we've all had moments like this.

The picture ahead looks so scary, there's so much to deal with. And that means we probably have to make some really big changes.

So what's the best thing we can do in these moments?

It's about taking one small step or one small action at a time.

Our brains are actually programmed to resist change so when we face a large decision or goal, we feel fear. The cortex (the thinking part of the brain) is restricted and sometimes shuts down.

We feel failure.

However if we take one small -- think tiny -- action we can bypass that fear, the cortex becomes engaged and that action can create a small win.

We feel success!

The concept of how small steps can create big change is called Kaizen and is explained beautifully here in this wonderful book by Robert Maurer, Ph.D.

I share this concept of taking one small step, then another, then another, with my clients often.

It's time to remember it for myself too. If you are feeling exhausted, fearful and stuck, click on the Contact tab now and we can set up a time to talk. I’d love that.

Don't stay on the train of indecision. It's costing you too much, and now you have the chance to do something about it.

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