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Take a breath….what you’ve achieved is big, you know

Whoa! For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. Yay! And for many of us that signals the beginning of warm days and balmy evenings, time with family and friends, melting ice creams and long vacation days. 

And it’s traditionally a time when it seems a bit easier to take some down time, go a bit easier on ourselves and allow the days to flow a bit more freely.

That's all good and well, and easy to do if you feel good in yourself and feel positive about life. If you feel satisfied with your achievements, secure in your new life post that divorce, and sure of your way forward…

But what of you don’t feel any of that?

What if you just feel “blah”?. What if you don’t think you’ve “earned” the right to rest? 

What if you constantly feel that you can’t rest for a minute, or can’t take your foot “off the pedal” because you’re scared of what might happen? 

What if you think that because you’re on your own now, you can’t justify spending money on a few days vacation?

When we finally get to the other side of big life stuff like the divorce, it’s easy to think we just have to keep forging ahead, like doing hard stuff has become a life pattern and a way to survive.

We forget that it’s actually ok to stop and rest. Maybe we just don’t even realize we need it.

It’s easy to think that rest and relaxation are luxuries. 

But remember this.. Divorce is a big life journey and taking time off for rest and relaxation, especially in summer is exactly what we need.  

It's not a luxury. It’s essential - the bottom line is that we need rest for our health.

And, if you find you simply can’t take a few days to get away on that vacation, here’s some great tips for finding other ways to rest and relax. (No affiliation - I simply appreciate these ideas!)

If any of what's here is resonating with your own story, or you know someone that needs to read this to help them see they can relax and recharge, please share this email. 

Click on the "Book Now" link above to set up a time to chat with me more.

What one small (or big!) step will you take this coming summer to recharge your batteries? Share here so we can all be inspired.

🧡I’d love that

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