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You are not what you do.

Recently, my client has been really struggling.

She said she feels empty, incomplete and even worthless at times.

She's talked about how much she does at work, how much she gives to the job. How much she is known for her work successes.

But something nags at her .

She feels insignificant outside of work because she sees her personal achievements as small compared to her work.

She doesn't know how to feel any different.

To be honest, I think most of us can relate to this at times. We are so consumed by our need to do well at work that we lose sight of how much value and positivity we create in our personal lives as well.

We think we have to keep pushing for bigger work goals and accomplishments, but when we keep chasing those bigger goals the last one doesn't feel that big a deal anymore.

And before we know it, we are miserable again, not able to see the bigger, fuller picture of our lives.

So I offer a couple of tips. ..

Tip #1

Stop and enjoy your accomplishments. Take a moment to sit with that sense of achievement.

Think about how good it feels. Don't blow past it in search of the next big thing. Celebrate it!

Tip #2

Then, reflect on how that accomplishment honors you and your fullest life (ie beyond work). See if it aligns with your personal values. Perhaps it gives you financial freedom, or honors your value of travel and adventure.

in other words, look to see where that accomplishment might have a deeper meaning in all parts of your life.

Don't make your whole life be about what you produce, what you do.

In the grand scheme of things our accomplishments are temporary, but the legacies we leave are more powerful when they embrace all of who we are.

Remember, we are more than who we are at work.

If you'd like help to bring more wholeness and a deeper personal meaning into your own life, hit the button below and set up some time to talk.

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