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How to make your One Word stick - 3 tips to keep that Word alive long after January.

Yay, you found your One Word for 2024!

I shared this exercise in my last email to help you find focus and motivation as you step in to the new year. 

I always do this exercise to inspire and ground me. This year my One Word is consistency and my belief is that it will drive me to keep focused and committed in all I take on.

So now let's talk about how we make our One Word stick.

Tip 1:

Write it on sticky notes and put it all over the house and office. The more you can remind yourself of it, the more you'll feel its power.

Because our brain is wired to remember things by building new muscle memory through repetition, every time we see or say our Word. we deepen it's power to stick.

Tip 2:

Journal on it. 

Journaling deepens our self discovery and can move us to reflect on life in effective ways. Remember these helpful questions to get you started:

  • How can your One Word impact or change the way you live each day?

  • How can your One Word move you from busyness to purposeful action?

  • How do you anticipate your One Word will stretch you outside your comfort zone?

Tip 3:

This is a big one - review it at the end of each quarter. 

I suggest you make a quarterly calendar reminder to review the ways your One Word has impacted your life over the quarter. Get specific and enjoy seeing how it's showed up for you.

One final thought - you might want to share your One Word with a friend, partner, family member, or colleague and discuss the questions above with them. 

Who knows, you may even inspire them to find their own One Word too. 

If you are intrigued and want to learn more, click on the Book Now button below and we can set up time for a complimentary Discovery session so you can find out more about what coaching looks like with me.

I’d love that.

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