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My number one secret for starting the day on my terms.

Hint...are you still reading your emails in bed?

As I step back in to my work year I'm thinking about what routines and habits I have that don't serve me. 

I'm thinking about what types of things I've allowed to exist, even though they frustrate me, and what types of things I want to change to get back in control a bit more this year.

And the number one thing that really jumped out to me is that I check my emails in bed before I get up.

You too? Ugh.

Why do I do this? I mean I don't answer them, I just read them. So I'm not achieving anything or getting a head start on the day, am I?

It makes no sense, and it's just making me anxious. 

I get all wound up about what needs to be done, responded to, remembered and managed. Then I put my phone down, sigh and get out of bed.

So, I say that's enough. 

Instead, I want to get out of bed ready for my day, celebrating whatever sleep or rest I've had, and then enjoy my morning rituals without anxiety cloudy my ability to be present.

OK, but easy said than done, right?

We've all heard it before - don't check your phone before you go to sleep , and don't look at it first thing before you get out of bed. May be go a step further and don't even have your phone in the bedroom.


I'm a realist and so whilst I think that's great advice, honestly it's hard to do.

So the new rule I choose to create for myself is to not check my emails until I sit down at my desk. It's one that is realistic for me, and one I can can stick to.

And so, on this the 23rd day, I can happily report that I've stuck to it so far. 

I promise to let you know how I go though. 

And I promise to not beat myself up if I "go off the rails". We are human after all.

Let me know if you have a habit or routine you want try to eliminate or change. I'm curious to hear what's on your mind.

If you'd like help make that change happen so you can start the day on your own terms too, click on the Book Now to set up a time to chat with me more.

🧡 I'd love that.

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